4 Conditions That Cause Slips And Fall Lawsuits

Slip and fall lawsuits are some of the commonest personal injury claims today. Numerous different conditions could make you slip and fall in places such as in offices, restaurants, schools, hospital, shopping malls, entertainment theater, and gym among others. For instance, many shoppers could slip and fall in a supermarket if it is poorly maintained. If the area where you tripped or slipped and fell belong to a particular owner, the owner may be legally liable for the injuries you sustained. Proving some facts in slip and fall lawsuits is tricky without the intervention of a competent slip and fall accident attorney. Here are conditions that cause slips and falls:

Snow or ice

Any ice or snow in the outer area of a building may cause you to slip and fall. Whenever ice or snow accumulates outside a building, the owner should find it a risk factor to unforeseen personal accidents. When ice or snow accumulates on the roof, it eventually melts and drips off. It is good to know that the same ice or snow could refreeze once it gets to the ground. The ice and snow may cause you to slip and fall and break your bones, dislocate your joints or even injure your muscles. When this happens, you should hire a slip and fall accident attorney to file a lawsuit.

Insufficient outdoor lighting

When light is inadequate in a building, more accidents may happen to many people. It has been that noted that falls and slip are common in parking lots where lighting is inadequate. There could be holes somewhere not easy to see without adequate lighting. If these holes cause you to trip and fall, you may sustain serious injuries. Filing a lawsuit would be the next thing to do although it may not be easy if you don’t have a personal injury attorney Las Vegas has today to proceed with it.


When business people are improving their business area, they do so with only good things in mind. They hardly imagine that the sidewalks that their customers use to go for shopping could put them into serious problems. If the sidewalk causes the customer to slip and fall, the court may shift the injury liability to the business owner. If someone happens to slip and fall and may probably die in a business mall, the relatives of the deceased can get advice from a reliable wrongful death attorney Henderson has today to file the right claim.

Parking lots

Anyone who owns a parking lot is obligated to maintaining in good condition. Any parking lot that is not properly maintained is a threat to the safety of those who use it. This means the owner should fill any holes and patch the cracks. Parking owners who don’t maintain their parking lots in good condition can be sued in case anyone suffers injuries due to slipperiness. People with such lawsuits should always work with a competent slip and fall accident attorney to win the claim.

You should never ignore any slip and fall lawsuit, however slight it may look. Some people who suffer from injuries from slip and falls don’t know that they can be compensated for the injuries they suffer. In case a victim of slip and fall injury dies, the family members should look for an honest wrongful death attorney Las Vegas has today to seek the way forward for compensation. Find out more here: http://haleinjurylaw.com/practice_areas/slip-and-fall-accident-attorney/