5 Methods To Keep Your Home Still Livable While Remodeling

Luckily around November 2016, Adelaide City Council rejected a recommendation to charge businesses for rubbish removal. However, if you are planning to renovate your business or home, you may need the assistance of your local firm that offers services of rubbish removal Melbourne wide to ensure the rest of your premise remains clean. The following article suggests a few tips to keep your home or office clean while you pursue a renovation project.

Remove Items

Remodeling means there will be debris such as dry wall dust, sawdust, wires and sometimes beams causing obstruction or particles to float in the air. Your first step would be to remove most if not all your items from the room that is being renovated. Your construction team will thank you for it because they will get more space to work, without having to worry about damaging your property in the process. Check 1Call Rubbish Removal for more details.

Cover Items

If you want to get through your remodeling venture, without having to pay for an expensive cleaning crew afterwards, you can cover heavy items you cannot move. Your local hardware store will have plastic sheets available, which can be used for other projects such as protecting your carpet or floors while painting your room. If you want to preserve antique furniture during remodeling, you need to cover and tape your sheets down to prevent dust or debris from getting into hard to clean crevices.

Make Sure Contractor Isolates Area

Whether it is a kitchen, living room, TV den or one of your bedrooms, speak with your contractor to ensure the room is isolated before the work begins. This means that the dust and debris will only remain in that area of the house. It will also require construction workers to wear cloth scrubs over their boots to ensure the rest of the house remains scratch-free and without footprints. Usually, contractors fix heavy sheets of plastic on doorways to trap debris in one room.

Make A Pathway

If your room undergoing renovation is far into your home, make a pathway out of old carpeting or canvas tarps found at home improvement stores. It will ensure that dust and debris will not be carried through the house. Heavy steel toed boots also have the tendency to scratch wooden floors and can be avoided by building a pathway instead.

Daily Clean Up

Since contractors usually clean up their mess only after the completion of a project, it might be impossible for you to clean up after them on a daily basis. In this case, you can hire a firm that offers services of cheap rubbish removal in Melbourne. Companies that offer services like rubbish removal Melbourne wide often provide other services such as stripping a required space in case you are brave enough for DIY renovation. Services like rubbish removal in Melbourne, also promise same day rubbish removal Melbourne wide from homes, allowing you to keep your home debris free on a daily basis.


Since renting another home or office is expensive, the tips above should help you remain at home while your renovation project continues. The best method would be to seclude your renovation project while keeping your home clean by hiring a service such as a local Melbourne rubbish removal firm, which can be found on websites such as http://1callrubbishremoval.com.au/ .