Common Pool Repair Issues and When to Call in a Professional for Help

It is not uncommon for your pool to experience some problems, especially since it has been a while since you had it installed. While some of these issues might be minor in nature, it is not recommended that you ignore them. Aside from being a potential hazard, you could also compromise the entire pool system if you do nothing to address any evident issues. Below are the most common issues that require pool repairs Melbourne has to offer.

Algae Infestation

This is a pretty common issue and will not require major pool repairs in Melbourne. However, most homeowners do not know how to deal with algae problem in their pool, which is why professional help might be required. The presence of algae (green, yellow or black in color) can indicate low sanitation, improper water balance, poor water circulation, or a combination of these things.

When there is algae in your pool, it becomes uninviting and no one wants to swim in there. In addition, algae comes with a very slippery texture that could also make your pool hazardous in terms of slipping and falling. Therefore, you have to treat it immediately. Expert Melbourne pool repairs will perform a shock treatment on your pool. There are also instances wherein algaecide is required in order to completely rid your pool of the presence of algae. The experts in pool repairs Melbourne has will determine what method of treatment is required.


This is another common issue that requires the services of experts on pool repairs Melbourne has today. This is a frustrating problem because it can cause injury or a spike in your water bill. You would want neither of these two!

Hence, you need to call on experts to locate the source of the leak and fix it immediately. This problem might appear simple but it is not. Therefore, you should only leave this repair job to the professionals.

Cracked Floors and Walls

Any cracks on the pool floors, walls or pool deck surface can be a cause of injury. Therefore, you need to address the issues as soon as you see them. For small cracks, experts on pool repairs will patch those cracks up. First, the water should be drained to a level below where the crack is. The area being patched should be wider than the cracks itself in order to cover the edges that could potentially be hazardous.

However, if the cracks are more than 2 feet in size, this could indicate a general structural problem. It might require a bigger fix than simple patching or else the problem will persist.

If you are unsure about the issue, or if the issue falls in none of the categories listed above, you can find pool repairs in Melbourne to diagnose the issue. With experts at Pool Rescue in Melbourne, you can expect your problem can be resolved in a timely manner, no matter how big or small the issue is. To learn more about what services they offer, you can check their website: