Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Posted by Candace on July 21, 2021

hardwood floor refinishing St Louis

Hardwood floors https://www.hardwoodfloorrefinishingstlouis.com add character and beauty to any home. But like everything else in our lives, they’re not always perfect. No matter how careful you are with your refinishing projects, there are still chances that something could go wrong. To minimize damage to your hardwood floor, follow these simple rules in St. Louis.

Most homeowners would be able to handle most DIY home improvements projects on their own, except those involving extremely difficult wood or surface stains. But even then, call in a pro for St. Louis hardwood floor refinishing since it’ll usually need sanding. If you decide to work with a pro, you get the added advantage of the best quality hardwood choices for your special situation. You won’t have to pay for repairs and you’ll save money in the long run. In this case, hardwood floors in St. Louis are among the most practical and affordable choices you have.

It’s important to know the basics of hardwood floor refinishing in St. Louis before you can undertake such a project. Start by learning about common refinishing techniques, such as using staining strips or paint. Learn to properly measure the dimensions of your room and plot out where the spots will be. If your hardwood floor repair is a little bit challenging, consult a professional. They’ll be able to help you plan the most effective solutions and they’ll also point you to the nearest repair shops in St. Louis.

Before you start, thoroughly clean your floors. This includes removing any loose dirt, dust or debris from the surface, as well as cleaning the insides of doors and windows. If your house is old, you may need to use acid-free wood cleaner in order to refinish hardwood floors. These cleaners neutralize any existing stains and restore the color to its original glow.

Refinishing hardwood floors is a fairly simple procedure, depending on the condition of your floors. For example, if they’ve been sitting for a long time, you’ll probably want to use a dry compound to get rid of any loose bonding agent. Then, using a floor scraper, gently remove excess coating from the floor. If it’s been awhile since you performed this process, you may want to bring in a vacuum cleaner so you can move the particles around. Make sure that you scrape away everything, including the area between the actual floorboards.

You may even want to consider calling in a professional hardwood floor refinishing experts if your flooring has undergone a significant amount of wear or stains. In this case, you should skim any old glue or other remnants off with a brush. Stains can be removed by sanding off the upper layer of the flooring and then finishing it using a primer. These professionals can also refinish your floorboards if you prefer a different look.