Violence Restraining Order Acquisition

In the event of existing conflicts, criminal charges, and court rulings – the offender may illegally act in a way that can threaten and abuse the person whom they are involved with a case. This may give the offended person an emotional turmoil and feelings of unsafety, unable to go on with normal life activities. Thus, the offended person is required to hire a VRO lawyer Perth for a violence restraining order from the court, so he/she can stay free from any future insults and assaults against him/her. Andrew Williams Barristers and Solicitors gives you an opportunity to get the necessary legal assistance in this aspect, making your life justifiably comfortable.

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About Andrew Williams Barristers and Solicitors

Andrew Williams Barristers and Solicitors is a company comprised of Perth-based lawyers, operating within other parts of Western Australia as well. They offer efficient, effective, and trusted legal assistance to clients with various needs in terms of criminal law and traffic law.

This legal firm boasts an outstanding reputation in court advocacy, expertise in legal matters, and admirable communication skills to provide the best legal aid for clients. Their legal practice are identified with:

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As a legal entity and a representation of justice for all – they provide legal advice, guidance, and defence for driving charges, sex charges, assault charges, drugs charges, and VRO’S. Each and every one of their clients are provided with a defence solicitor Perth to satisfy their legal needs.

Violence Restraining Order

The court has a mandate to provide every offended person with a violence restraining order, barring the offender from certain behaviors towards them. It protects the offended person from being threatened, violated, and abused physically or emotionally in the aftermath of a case. It is the duty of a VRO lawyer Perth to offer you legal assistance in obtaining a VRO without any constraints as your legal right.

The violence restraining orders are categorized into two categories:

  1. The protected person has a family or a domestic relationship with the offender.
  2. The protected person has no family nor domestic relationship with the offender.

The court grants you a violence restraining order on substantial grounds of foreseeing that your offender is likely to offend you in the future. Hiring a defence lawyer Perth is the initial step towards acquiring a VRO. The lawyer should also guide you on the case, as well as facilitate the execution of court proceedings so your offender can be restrained. Traffic offence lawyers Perth can also be hired with the case you may be involved in, which concerns traffic issues that you believe may affect your life thereafter.

Why Hire a Lawyer from Andrew Williams Barristers and Solicitors

At Andrew Williams Barristers and Solicitors, they serve both applicants and defendants for Misconduct Restraining Order and Violence Restraining Order issues. The VRO lawyer Perth you hire from them exercise a high level of expertise, understanding, consideration, communication, and effective satisfactory representation. See more at

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