How Important Is It To Get Right Moving Forward?

Posted by Candace on April 25, 2021

InventHelp is a new company launched by lawyers with the express purpose of dishing out patented creation services. It appears to be nothing more than an online marketing firm. According to its web site, InventHelp was started in 2021 as a patent research firm. It is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. It advertises itself as a “legal service firm specializing in Internet and patent research.” Instead of making good on the many promises it makes, InventHelp makes use of highly naive, inexperienced, and often desperate inventors to force them into expensive, long-term patenting contracts, charging them anywhere from about $8,927 to about $16,927 for professional, specialized, high-level invention submission services that it doesn’t actually provide.


One of the services that InventHelp offers is the invention submission process. This process is, by its very nature, very time-consuming and laden with pitfalls that will quickly get a would-be inventor burned. While InventHelp guarantees its clients free initial consultations, the process is so long, slow, and involved that many clients require at least two or more such consultations to get the ball going on their own. This is an expensive proposition for an inventor that lacks the means to manage the invention related costs on their own.

Another service that InventHelp offers is a verified buyer program. This program works like a service in that it verifies and reviews any potential inventions that are brought to it for examination. The program further undertakes to negotiate a licensing fee based on the potential value of the proposed inventions, which is basically what the service is all about.

Finally, in addition to the above mentioned inventions, InventHelp also offers patent searching services and serves as an inventor’s coach. The inventors who use InventHelp for their patent searches benefit from the large pool of patent databases out there. The inventors get access to information that they wouldn’t have access to otherwise. Moreover, inventors are coached properly by a team of experts that are keenly focused on the client’s needs. By using InventHelp, one can be sure that the invention can meet the demands of the market and can indeed bring great value to the client.

There is no denying the fact that inventing is a risky venture. The good thing is that there are organizations like InventHelp that stand ready to provide assistance to the inventors in need. Inventurers can be assured that by using their services, they will get proper patent search assistance and guidance from experts that will help them understand the importance of their inventions.

Now that you know how important InventHelp is for helping you get right moving forward, go ahead and get help today. A patent is one of the most important tools in ensuring that your invention gets patented. Without it, there is no way that your innovation can get adopted by others. This is why it is very important that you understand the importance of this process and take the required steps towards it. To do this, you need the assistance of an organization like InventHelp.